"I'll take Lucky because apparently Lucky is lucky."
— Stampy as he chooses Lucky, Tikka and Oreo to fight Hit the Target
First appearance: Unknown
Last appearance: Unexpected Drama
Status: Deceased
Type of mob: Dog
Color of collar: Red (Default)

Lucky was one of Stampy's Dogs. He is the 6th dog who has died in Stampy's Lovely World. He died in Episode 42, called Unexpected Drama.


Lucky was one of the three dogs that went into battle with Stampy. Stampy was battling Hit the Target when he finds a secret entrance in Hit the Target's castle. Stampy follows the tunnel and sees Hit The Target at the end of the tunnel, committing suicide, by setting himself on fire. He runs toward Stampy, and Lucky starts attacking Hit the Target. Lucky lunged at the villain, but was set on fire. He ran outside leaving Hit to burn and perish, and though Lucky ran straight for the water, he burned to death before he could make it. Stampy revived him in episode 23 of Cave Den, as a reward for his bravery and sacrifice.


His grave is at the outside of the tunnel in which Hit the Target set him on fire.

Trivia Edit

  • Ironically, Lucky was the unluckiest dog in the fight against Hit the Target as he is the only one to be killed.
  • Lucky also died along with his friend Breadstick in the battle Against Hit the Target.
  • He died on December 8, 2012.
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