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12th March 2013



The MagicAnimalClub, also known by its acronym MAC, is a joint channel hosted by Stampylongnose and iBalisticSquid. It is where they upload the Magic Animal Club Podcast as well as their behind-the-scenes videos. Unlike the main channel, this follows no schedule.


This channel was meant as a joint channel of Stampy and Squid and included silly behind-the-scenes videos on their own channels. However, as Stampy spent time with his friends, what was considered the MagicAnimalClub now referred not just to Squid but also to all his friends. They would also post their vlogs together in the channel. Years later, since they were not as active as they used to and since he and Squid cannot collaborate with each other more often, MagicAnimalClub became Stampy's side channel where he posted his own vlogs, behind-the-scenes, and even a series of videos under the name Let's Talk. The meaning of the channel was lost until he posted a Let's Talk talking about the future of the channel. He planned to remodel the entire channel, and bring back the exclusivity for Stampy and Squid. Because of this, he moved out all his content, including Let's Talk, to the then defunct channel, Stampylongnose. He and Squid created a podcast of the same name and continued to post behind-the-scenes videos.

On 17th August 2017, the channel apparently reached one million subscribers; however, it was a glitch and was fixed to become over 982,000 subscribers.


Videos include in this channel are mostly clips before or after episodes (two bonus scenes after the videos were uploaded here). It also include real life videos of Joseph Garrett (Stampy), David Spencer (Squid) and Bethany Bates (Sqaishey). Guests in these videos include Lee Carson (Lee Bear) and Stacy Hinojosa (Stacy). Songs made by Stampy and Squid can be also found in this channel, such as The Diamond Song, which was taken from a Quest Series episode. Also, Behind-the-Scenes video of Episode 85, The Show Must Go On can be found on this channel.


Magic Animal Club PodcastEdit

A video podcast where Stampy and Squid discuss whatever interests them. This is released every week on Sunday. There is also a gameplay footage during the videos but commentary is not about the gameplay.

Let's TalkEdit

A series of vlogs where Stampy or Squid discuss things every week. It has been moved to the Stampylongnose channel after 13 March 2016.

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