#StampyandAzoth4everfriends Stampy starts in his bedroom, he walks out of his bedroom into the main part of his house where Crimson Azoth is walking round holding a bone. We could hear what Crimson Azoth sounds like in this video. He was wondering off in the opposite direction of where Stampy was. As they were heading to the Love Garden, Stampy told Crimson Azoth to stay by his side, look after him and do as he says. He didn't what to build the swimming pool by himself so Crimson Azoth is going to be his life guard and Craig said Slave Laborer. He and Crimson both read out the signs one after another. Crimson read one for Stampy and stampy read one for Crimson. Before they head off to build the swimming pool they show us what the theater looks like. As he was going to where he was going to build he swore twice.