Making a Swimming Pool
Episode 30
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Making a Swimming Pool is the 30th video of Stampy's Lovely World videos and the 30th episode of season 1. Stampy and Craig build Stampy's Swimming Pool with dual commentary.


The episode starts with [1]Stampy greeting us and telling us that [2]Craig will be joining with Dual Commentary, The too go to the love garden and add some people, Then they go to the Theater and we see stampys front theater light's flashing with some redstone! Stampy also shows us the Theater and it's updates! Stampy and Craig then go to the living room and kitchen from Episode 27 and shows it's updates! Finally the duo go to the pool and start working on it! The video ends with Craig's bad jokes


  • This episode was the first and only video taken in Stampy's Lovely World with dual commentary with Crimson Azoth. He had some episodes with Melanie Candy and Stampy commentating with each other, but was taken in a separate world.


Minecraft Xbox- Making a Swimming Pool [30]

Minecraft Making A Swimming Pool 30

Minecraft Making A Swimming Pool 30