Meeting My Number 1 Fan
Episode (Special)
Minecraft - Meeting My Number 1 Fan18:03

Minecraft - Meeting My Number 1 Fan

Release Date Aug 10, 2012
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Lovely Library
Helpers Appeared
FaZe RayRay
Afro Dan91 (Not in Minecraft)
LONG bow X99
Crimson Azoth
Pets Chosen
All Dogs as of episode 22.
People Added to the Love Garden
FaZe RayRay
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Meeting My Number 1 Fan is a special episode in Stampy's Lovely World.

Synopsis Edit

Stamps gives a tour of his Lovely World to a big fan of his.

Plot Edit

Stampy greets us as always. Stampy then wanders around for a bit telling us that Stampy was in an Xbox Live Party and when he went off of the party, someone called FaZe RayRay joined the party. When he noticed that Stampy joined the party, he was asked if he wanted to go and have a personal tour of his own lovely world and he said yes. After Stampy wandered around for a bit, Stampy puts in the footage with Stampy giving Faze a tour of his lovely world. They chat together as they go on with the tour.

At the beginning, Stampy went to the chest room. As he was there, he introduced himself through only voice messaging to FaZe. His fan was shocked because he was able to chat to Stampy for the very first time. He went to settings to mute the music and sound to be able to chat with his fan more clearly. After awhile, he went to invite FaZe into his Lovely World. As he was checking his inbox in his Xbox, he checked the voice mail that was by FaZe. He appreciated the mail and went on. He then met up with his fan beside the Emergency Igloo, behind the Lighthouse, but Stampy's skin was changed into a Wizard skin. LongBow joined also joined along when it was turning sunset in Minecraft. They went everywhere in his Lovely World. Stampy toured him all around the place.

At the end, they went to tour Stampy's house. When they were in Stampy's Bedroom, Stampy trapped FaZe but let him go immediately when the fire started to spread. They all went up to the roof for an amazing view. When the episode is starting to end, they all ride down at the water flowing down out of the roof. They rode it like a water slide. Stampy then says bye and ends the video.


By the end of the video, Almost all of his dogs are missing or have died somehow.

Features Edit

Helpers Edit

  • Stampy
  • LongBow
  • FaZe Ray Ray

Locations Edit

  • Stampy's House
  • Love Garden
  • Doghouse
  • Emergency Igloo
  • Stampy's Funland
  • Etc. (All places)

Trivia Edit

  • FaZe RayRay was added to Stampy's Love Garden.
  • FaZe RayRay got a challenge.
  • This is the only episode to only feature one of his fans on video.

Video Edit

Minecraft- Meeting My Number 1 Fan

Minecraft - Meeting My Number 1 Fan18:03

Minecraft - Meeting My Number 1 Fan

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