Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2
Playthrough Information
Let's Play Type  ???
Run date(s) 11th July 2017 - Present
Status Hiatus
Playlist Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 Playlist
Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 is an ongoing episodic graphic adventure mini-game developed and published by Telltale Games and Mojang. It is the continuation of Minecraft: Story Mode.

Stampy Cat returns in this season, and it revealed that he is now living in Jesse's Beacontown with StacyPlays.

Plot Edit

This game continues the events that happened in the first season, and also shows Jesse and his/her friends' lives after they became heroes.

Association with Stampy Edit

IMG 6898

Stampy's House in Story Mode Season Two

Stampy made a return in this season to voice as his signature character, Stampy Cat. His house is present in Beacontown, an is heavily based on his and Fizzy Elephant's room. Beside the house to the right is the Love Garden, but with no signs.

Other YouTuber appearances Edit

Aside from Stampy Cat, StacyPlays also voiced her signature character in the game at the same time. She has a house in Beacontown built next to Stampy's. In Jailhouse Block, one of Stampy's friends, BigBStatz, appeared in the game and voiced his signature character, Anthony.

Episodes Edit

Stampy decided to import his game save of Season 1, meaning, the game will continue from where the first season left off. He said in the first episodes that he already knew a bit of the story. Currently, he is uploading episodes of this game.

Episode 1: Hero in Residence Edit

# Episode Release date
1 I'm Back! 11th July 2017
2 Cake Vs Pumpkin Pie 14th July 2017
3 Lluna Llama 16th July 2017
4 Supercharged Creepers! 19th July 2017
5 Sea Temple 21st July 2017
6 Unbeatable Colossus 23rd July 2017

Episode 2: Giant Consequences Edit

# Episode Release date
7 Giant Consequences 15th August 2017
8 Eternal Snow Plague 17th August 2017
9 Admin's Challenges 20th August 2017
10 Freaky Mobs! 21st August 2017

Episode 3: Jailhouse Block Edit

# Episode Release date
11 Jailhouse Block 19th September 2017
12 Prison Radar! 20th September 2017
13 Two Jesses! 22nd September 2017
14 Toughest Choice Yet 26th September 2017

Episode 4: Below the BedrockEdit

Episode Release date
15 Below the Bedrock 7 November, 2017(?)

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