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Minecraft Helpers

Minecraft Helpers are the people who came into Stampy's Lovely World and other worlds to help him build and create new games and structures too.

The Stampylongnose Wiki provides a list of almost all the helpers appeared in his Lovely World.


Name Species Picture Episode Introduced Brief Description
William Beaver Beaver
355 Friends and Foes William Beaver was introduced as a mysterious character helping Stampy fight the wither. He loves building and digging and wears different clothes every episode, but when someone/something attacks Polly, Fizzy or Stampy, he puts on his diamond armor. He lives in Stampy's first shelter and greets Stampy on most mornings. He currently owns Tool Order Tool Shop.
Polly Reindeer Reindeer
367 North Pole Polly Reindeer was introduced as Santa's reindeer but became Stampy's helper. She loves Redstone and building but she only has stone tools and is afraid of monsters (googlies). She always starts the video jumping on Stampy's bed, which according to Stampy hurts her antlers. After the construction of Polly Wood Film Studio, she became a movie star. She lives in her new house (stable) behind Harrison Hill and next to the theater. She is currently the owner of Pollytechnic.
Fizzy Elephant Elephant
393 Fizzy Elephant Fizzy was introduced many many episodes after he joined Stampy's world, around after Christmas once Stampy got Cocoa beans in his world. He turned Stampy's music tower into his house and left cookies everywhere. He was introduced after he turned Stampy's theater into a colorful mess. Fizzy enjoys building useless things and always gives Stampy a good laugh. He is also the star of Fizzy Mania. He wears gold leggings and boots just like Lee, even though Lee wore diamond. He is currently the owner and DJ of Fizzy Fun
Squaishy Quack Duck/Chicken
215 Wiggly Worm Squaishy is a duck on Pc and a Chicken on Xbox, who loves pumpkin pie and is always trying to fly. After Fizzy came along Squaishy started appearing a lot less. She has helped Stampy build a lot of shops and minigames and she is currently doing 2 series with him, Twins and Ocean Den. She is rumored to be Stampy's girlfriend and both of them try to ignore this topic a lot. People deserve their privacy. She is the best at any musical game and uses gold tools. Ever since Harriot's Hat shop opened, she always wears a yellow died leather hat now. Unlike the others, Squaishy doesn't have a proper house or room and never has.

After Lee Bear left, Stampy has started having 3 helpers, sometimes there have been exceptions but not many. It was Squaishy William Beaver and Polly until Fizzy came along. Then Squaishy has not been in many episodes. Only two episodes after Fizzy joined all 5 of them have been in an episode together, episodes Fizzy Elephant and Looser Chooser.

Helpers Gallery

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