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Mr. Spider is often seen going to the Love Garden. He checks if Stampylonghead adds Mr Spider. But Stampylonghead typed in Mr.Spider on one of the signs in his Love Garden. He is a friendly Googlie (like Fred the Enderman and Agatha the Creeper). Because he has not been seen recently, he might have accidentally been killed by someone, or by a skeleton.



Agatha - Betsy Boo Boo - Isaac - Jangles - Llewellyn - Miguel - Creeper I


Mr. Spider - Mrs. Spider - Harry


Ed - Fred -Susan - Eric




Derek - Dodga - Denise

Cave Spiders

George - Vinnie - Charles - Lenny

A googlie with an apostrophe (') near its name means it is unfriendly.
A googlie in italic means it's dead.

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