Mushroom Look Alikes
Episode Number 78
Release Date June 21, 2015

Stampy Cat

Sqaishey Quack

Previous Episode Nose Slide
Next Episode Not Much Room


Stampy starts the episode as normal by saying hi and then starts scratching his head with bread. Then, he goes to find Sqaishey in a game of hide-and-seek, a Sky Den tradition. Stampy goes to have an update on the grass race and find to see that they're exactly tied, the first time it has happened since the start of the grass race.Stampy finds Sqaishey next to the Zebra Worm dressed up as a zebra and pretending to be the zebra worm's child. Then, Stampy and Sqaishey goes to their normal buisness of finishing the mushroom mountain. Sqaishey was accused of cheating, but Stampy defends her by saying that they wouldn't cheat. Sqaishey shows the new completed drum set, but she refuses to use it because she doesn't think Stampy's jokes were funny. Stampy then discovers how to make hardened clay by smelting clay in the furnace. The one piece of hardened clay he made is the first piece of hardened clay he's ever made, making this episode monumental. Later on, they place the piece of hardened clay in a place of honor called the clay display. Stampy then works on and finishes the mushroom art gallery. While Stampy is busy working on the art gallery, Sqaishey is working on the lobby of the mushroom mountain. Stampy places mushrooms in the flower pots, and claims them to look like famous people such as Queen Elizabeth II, Mickey Mouse, Elvis Presely, Justin Bieber, Sqaishey Quack, Stampy Cat, and  Sam. Stampy then looks at Sqaishey's reception. After a scuffle with a witch and a creeper, Stampy and Sqaishey go to play painting roulette. Because Stampy didn't get anything good on the first go, he makes it so they can all get a second go. Sqaishey gets a piece of steak and a piece of rotten flesh. Stampy get a piece of rotten flesh and an apple. Stampy then says bye and gives them a preview for the next episode which he claims will be finishing up the art gallery and working on the guest rooms.


Minecraft Xbox - Sky Den - Mushroom Look Alikes (78)

Minecraft Xbox - Sky Den - Mushroom Look Alikes (78)24:03

Minecraft Xbox - Sky Den - Mushroom Look Alikes (78)

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