The Music Tower is an area in Stampy's House. Originally just an empty tower with a jukebox, it became Fizzy Elephant's Home. The tower is located right in the middle of Stampy's House, on top of the Storage Room. Almost the entire Lovely World can be viewed from this tower.


It is a high tower made out of oak planks. It can be accessed via a ladder from the second level lobby of the building over the lake. The main area of the Music Tower is the Music Room, which occupies the whole inside of the tower. It was revealed in episode 393 that Fizzy Elephant turned this room into his home, decorating it with colorful wool and carpets. There is also a balcony at the sides of the tower. The roof has also a balcony that is a great viewing area to see the world. There is also a waterfall that leads down back into the second level lobby of the building over the lake.


  • In TU19, this was one of the locations where a music disc can be found.

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