My Story Mode House
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampylongnose
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 25th July 2017 - Present
Status Ongoing
Playlist My Story Mode House Episode Playlist

My Story Mode House is a series by Stampylongnose and StacyPlays on the Minecraft Xbox that began on 25th July 2017.

The Let's Play series is about Stampy and Stacy building their respective character's houses from Beacontown from Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2, which they also star in.

Plot Edit

With Stampy playing as Male Jesse and Stacy playing as Female Jesse, the two play together to make nearly exact copies of their houses from Season 2 of Minecraft: Story Mode. Playing through Survival Mode, they play throughout the world and try to gather resources to recreate their houses.

Since customizable skins in currently not an option in the Console Edition of Minecraft, both of them have skins from the Minecraft: Story Mode skin pack. Stampy uses the male Jesse skin, while Stacy uses the female counterpart.

Episodes Edit

Aside from the episodes listed below, Stacy recorded her own point of view in her channel.

Note that these episodes below are not listed in the actual title of the videos.

# Episode Release date
1 Laughing Sheep 25th July 2017
2 This Wasn't The Plan 28th July 2017
3 Ghost Llamas! 1st August 2017
4 Achieving My Goals 4th August 2017
5 This Is So Wrong! 8th August 2017
6 Our Adventure 11th August 2017
7 Parrot Prince! 15th August 2017
8 MY BABIES?! 18th August 2017
9 Best Neighbour Ever! 22nd August 2017
10 Sheep On The Run 25th August 2017
11 My Lovely Garden 29th August 2017
12 Dangerous Experiment 1st September 2017
13 Lava Day 5th September 2017
14 We're Finished! 8th September 2017
15 Parrot Party! 12th September 2017
16 Not Done Yet! 29th September 2017
17 Tragic Moment! 3rd October 2017
18 Huggy 6th October 2017
19 Ghast Hunting 10th October 2017
20 Guardian Poo! 13th October 2017

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