The Negative Challenge is a Minecraft Let's Play survival series created and hosted by Stampylongnose.

Overview Edit

The entire challenge is about the challenges that Stampy must do that are completely opposite to what you should do or achieve while playing Minecraft. It is set on a normal Minecraft world with all the colours inverted.

In order to complete the challenge, Stampy must do the following objectives:

  • Lose a battle against the Ender Dragon.
  • Lose a battle against the Wither.
  • Lose a battle against an Elder Guardian.
  • Lose 30 exp levels.
  • Lose a pet.
  • Only eat fruits and vegetables.
  • Burn every diamond found.
  • Always dig straight down.
  • Get griefed.
  • Let tea get cold while playing.

Episodes Edit

# Episode Release date
1 Alien World 26th January 2018
2 I Need Food! 28th January 2018
3 Insane Discoveries 2nd February 2018
4 What Is This? 5th February 2018
5 I Cheated! 9th February 2018
6 So Horrible! 12th February 2018
7 Roof Garden 16th February 2018
8 Elder Guardian 19th February 2018
9 Bizarre Creation 23rd February 2018
10 Woodland Mansion 27th February 2018
11 Losing My Pet 2nd March 2018
12 Embracing Strangeness 6th March 2018