What if Duncan and Mittens had children?


I wanted to know if the 2 had children. So yeah, say hello to newborn Sage, Aurora and Winter. First came Sage, the only male in the litter, then Aurora, then tiny runt Winter (Winter was a stillborn, but Amy Lee luckily managed to revive her). When Mittens told them about uncle Catso, Sage decided to be a very protective brother, even though he and Aurora often look after Winter. So, let me tell more about the trio.

Sage: He is the oldest in Mittens' litter, and most serious. He has a very big liking to Summer, and has a crush on her. He and his Daddy Duncan look very diffrent but love each other.

Aurora: She is the middle pup, saying that she is"Squashed like a Sandwitch" . She has a giant crush on Shadow. She growls at CJ whenever she says "Hey everybody, bring it up for MEEE!"

Winter: She is scared of lots of things (for example, being alone in the dark). She loves Ace all her heart. She also loves Wolf Wolf Boogie. Since she was the youngest in the litter, she is anything but lucky.


Winter does not know that CJ wants to kill her.

Summer, Shadow, and Ace also have a crush on the trio.

Winter actually manages to get herself out of danger though, if only by her nose.

Sage claims that he does not fear anything but he actually fears Creepers. So does his younger sisters.

They are the oldest in the 2nd generation, followed by Barnaby and Fluffy's pups, Ace and Lani.


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