Nightmares is the 351st episode in Stampy's Lovely World. This episode is the 2015 Halloween special.

Episode 351
Release Date October 31, 2015
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Plot Edit

In this episode Stampy tries to go to sleep in order to wait for Halloween, however, he has many strange nightmares.

His first nightmare is where his Lovely World is gone, and his room is in a huge desert. He goes to investigate, and finds an aggressive gnome that punches him. Stampy tries to explain that he means no harm and is just lost, but the gnome keeps hitting him. He finds a building that he runs into. He jumps in to fall down into a hole and, just as he's about to crash into the ground, he wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream.

His second nightmare is where all the cake in his world is gone, and all the materials needed to create cake is gone. All of the stuff used to make cake is gone, and has been replaced by apples. The cow is gone, the chickens are gone, the eggs are gone, the wheat is gone, the sugar is gone, and everything has been replaced by apples. Just as he's about to pass out of fear, he wakes up to discover that it was another nightmare.

His third nightmare is where all of his dogs are gone. Releived, he soon finds his dogs all standing in a row on the street, he tries to stand them up, but he can't. Suddenly, a Stampy Cat jumps out and starts hitting him with his sword. Confused, Stampy starts running away, and soon realizes that he's Hit the Target. Just as he starts to understand everything, he wakes up and discovers it was another nightmare. He sees that the moon is going down, and decides not to go back to sleep, because of all of his nightmares.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox - Nightmares [351]

Minecraft Xbox - Nightmares -351-

Minecraft Xbox - Nightmares -351-