Norman the Snow Golem
First Appeared: Vertigo
Status: Alive
Type of Mob: Snow golem

Norman is the second snow golem that lives in Stampy's Lovely World.


Norman was created in the episode entitled 'Vertigo [123]'. He was placed on a large tree that is part of the 'tree train' system around Stampy's Lovely World.

The tree that he was placed on was in the middle of a taiga biome, and thus did not suit the surroundings as it looked like a palm tree. Norman's job was to cover the top of the tree with snow to make it fit in.

Stampy did not orginally plan on giving the snow golem a name, as there was a probability that he would fall off the tree and die, but he became attached to it so he simply called it 'No Name'. However 'No name' became 'Norman' and thus his name was created.

Current AdventuresEdit

Since the episode entitled 'Plasticator [127], Norman now resides in the nearby Emergency Igloo as he successfully finished his job and blanketed the tree in snow. It is considered Norman's house up to this day.

Since he is in a very isolated part of Stampy's Lovely World, he is not visited as often as some other characters, and the last time he was visited was due to a letter he sent in the Flap Postal Service in the episode: 'Flap Frenzy [175]'.

Featured VideosEdit

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Minecraft Xbox - Vertigo 123

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Minecraft Xbox - Plasticator 127

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