Ocean Den
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Ocean Den Sign
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 3 November 2016 - Present
Status Ongoing
Playlist Ocean Den Episode Playlist

Ocean Den is a series featuring Stampylongnose and Sqaishey and is the third installment of the Den Series after Sky Den and Cave Den.

The map was made by Choo Choo and his build team, the same map creators of Cave Den.

History Edit

The series was teased in the 105th and last episode of Cave Den, Memories, where at the last second a picture of a large quartz sign spelling "Ocean Den" was shown. The first episode was published on 3 November 2016.

Episodes Edit

Season 1:

  1. Glow From Below
  2. Beetroot Island
  3. Hansel and Gretal
  4. The Worlds Worst Cave!
  5. Life On The Sea
  6. A Super Shop!
  7. Zombie Island!
  8. Mr. Pattern Breaker
  9. Green Fingers
  10. Captain Cabin
  11. Discovering Atlantis!
  12. Working Together
  13. Space Cows!
  14. Naming Our Ship
  15. Submarine and Cake!
  16. Where Is It Now?
  17. Disco Dancing
  18. We're Superheroes!
  19. Shifty Face
  20. Sneeze Attack!
  21. Rainbow Tassel
  22. We Love Vinegar
  23. Critical Zombie
  24. Extreme Fishing
  25. Sheep For Days!
  26. Rambling On
  27. Listen To Me!
  28. Animal Stunts
  29. Thieving Seagull!
  30. Give! Me! The! Cake!
  31. Bed In A Barrel In A Boat In A Boat
  32. Ice Cream Sandwich
  33. WHAAAAA!
  34. Flying Flags
  35. Cannon Wagon
  36. Sponsored By Cookies
  37. Rocket
  38. Follow The Arrow
  39. Astronaut Training
  40. Coco Pixie
  41. Apple Sandwiches
  42. Perfect Podium
  44. Rocket Boots
  45. Sqaishey Statue
  46. Hungry Shark
  47. Fruity Day
  48. Tiny Town
  49. Block Babies
  50. Singing Penguins
  51. Halloween Island
  52. Romantic Date

Season 2:

  1. Honeymoon Island
  2. Kevin´s Mum
  3. Fun Fair
  4. Toadstool
  5. Fairy Stampy
  6. Secret Lab

Places Edit

Main Area Edit

  • Windy Dandelion
  • Sea Monster
  • Grass Race
  • Statue Podium

Space Station and Cookie Factory Edit

  • Astronaut Training Rooms
  • Cookie Factory
  • Cookie Restaurant
  • Rocket Ship
  • Shop

Made by CCN Build Team Edit

  • Spawn Island
  • Shipwreck (Replaced by The Windy Dandelion)
  • Beetroot Island
  • Button Island (Hansel and Gretel Maze)
  • Oil Rig (Replaced by Space Station and Cookie Factory)

Sequel Edit

There will be a sequel, which will be announced at the finale of this series.

Trivia Edit

  • After the episode Apple Sandwiches, Joseph Garrett and Sqaishey ate an actual apple sandwich in real life.

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