Paths are outdoor tracks that Stampy uses to walk on.

Main Paths Edit

Main Paths are recognized by the alternating birch and spruce wood planks. These are mainly found in Downtown and Stampy's Village, having 3 blocks wide each.

There is one to the Funland that goes through a colorful tunnel from the old train system.

This path goes via Downtown, with a few back streets. The farthest path eventually connects the Town with the Funland.

There is another path to the world spawn and Lighthouse that goes over the bridge. It used to be made out of oak wood planks, but it is now made out of birch and spruce wood planks to match the ones in the town. The dandelions still retain on the sides. The bridge is also made out of the same materials as well. It also includes a fountain, which functions differently during the night, as well as a short river leading to the sea.

The paths were eventually added to the left of Stampy's House, which goes to the Hot Air Balloon, the Rocket Ship, the vicinity of the Airport, and the second part of the town which includes the Lovely Inc. skyscraper.

All main paths start at Stampy's House, except the ones at the Funland.

Funland Paths Edit

Funland Paths are recognised by their stone brick patterns. These paths are usually wider than the paths found outside the place but there are paths that have 2 blocks wide.

Stampy's House Edit

Stampy's House has lots of paths over and under the house, from the rocket to the theatre to the dog house. These are mainly made out of oak planks.

Comparison with Tree Train Edit

The Tree Train is usually quicker. This is why Stampy usually takes the train and guests who spawn next to the world spawn stop take the train unless wanting to admire the Lighthouse art gallery.

Lee and Stampy sometimes have races and Stampy usually win because of the update that increased minecarts' speed.