Pick a pet-pet Shop is a shop in Stampy's Lovely World


It is made out of sandstone,orange wool,blue wool, and brown wool. It sells Cows, Mooshrooms, Sheep, Chickens, Ocelots (out of stock), Dogs: (Fluffy), Pigs, and Mobs. It has a big sign on the front of the building. It is 12 blocks long at the front.  


Before the Pick a Pet-Pet Shop, it was a flat space where they built the structure above it in episode 111.

After building the Pick a Pet-Pet Shop, IBallisticSquid said that 'PAP' means 'poop' but Stampylonghead said it means pick a pet.

On Episode 197, Stampylonghead and Lee Found a Zombie villager (later named 'Harrison ') and took him to the Hospital. That villager is now residing in Harrison Hill which is near the Love Garden, the Theater, and theXP Farm.

Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop

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