Pig Thief 1
First Appeared: Pig Problem- 230
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Unknown
Type of Mob: Pig
Episode Died:
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Pig Thief 1 is a thief who is currently missing. He was seen in episode 230 when he tried to steal the carrots from the Bank but was caught by Stampy and Lee and he was put into Pr

However not long later in episode 267 Stampy and Lee were trying to get Harriot to her house from Downtown when suddenly a creeper in the distance approached them. Stampy told Lee to deal with the creeper while he would get Harriot to her house. Unfortunatly the creeper blew up right next to the Playful po po station leaving a big hole in the process. Without a doubt the pig lunged swiftly out of the hole and has not been seen since. His pig friends were still locked up but mysteriously there were no playmates in the building when Stampy did a world tour of his Lovely world, suggesting that they escaped, were set free or even executed. If they were executed it would be assumed that he would too, but it not yet classified whether he has been caught or not.


  • It is possible he was the pig in episode 312 Shoe Shop.

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