Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank (formerly Funny Money Bank)





First Appearance

Episode 226

Other Appearances

Episodes 227, & 230

Piggy Bank (formerly known as Funny Money Bank in Episode 227) is a bank in Stampy's Lovely World. It was created in Episode 226. 


It is totally made out of Sandstone, Smooth Sandstone and Chiselled Sandstone.

Inside the bank is a bank teller room where if someone was to rob the bank, the bank tellers would pull a lever blocking the robbers from getting in (however there is a door nearby so either way they could get in). These next rooms are actually like minigames. There is another room where the robber has to do parkour on redstone lamps to get to the next room. In the next room, the robber has to shoot some targets to be able to get to the next room. The next one is a combination lock, where they have to find what are the right codes are to proceed. Then the last is to fling your fishing rod to touch all the pressure plates and open the door. Then it leads to the vault! The vault includes diamonds, emeralds, and cake.


  • Stampy hired a pig to work as a banker.
  • In Episode 230, two pigs attempted to rob the bank but were arrested by Lee and Stampy.