First appearance: Silly Smiles-377
Last appearance: Episode 379 (airing on 3rd February)
Status: Alive
Type of mob: Slime
Color of collar: Not a dog (when grown up will be the color pink)
Pink is a slime first seen in episode 377. She is married to Blue and is functional.

History Edit

Birth Edit

Pink is 1/2 of Blue and Pink, who were a large slime roaming the Funland.

Stampy needed 2 slime for a 'slime-related' mini-game. Flippy found them both and killed the large slime as the large slime formed into 2 baby slime, one being Blue and the other Pink. They were first seen/found in episode Silly Smiles-377.

Job Edit

Pink's job is to be the slime on the pink (magenta) side. Polly build her side as Stampy built Blue's side.