Episode 241
Minecraft Xbox - Playground 24121:01

Minecraft Xbox - Playground 241

Release Date October 25, 2014
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Playground is the 241st Episode in Stampy's Let's Play Series.


Stampy starts his day by greeting his friends, eating cake and doing the Hop and Splash MKII. None of them compleated it, except him. Then he destroys the redstone lamps, this is a good moment for Stampy as he hates the minigame. He goes to the Love Garden and add someone and then Stampy goes to pick up Barnaby from the doghouse. Then they proceed to the School to build a playground at the back of the school and then start to build Squaishey's Swimming Classroom which would be showcased in episode 244.



Minecraft Xbox- Playground [241]

Minecraft Xbox - Playground 24121:01

Minecraft Xbox - Playground 241

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