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Porky was the 4th dog to die in Stampy's Lovely World. He was only in 1 video, Episode 23. Stampy said that Porky was the fat one. His grave is in Stampy's Slime Farm, where he died. Porky has a respect chest with pork chops in it.


Stampy took Porky out of Stampy's Doghouse in Episode 23. At the moment Stampy was giving his viewers a tour of recently added features in Stampy's Lovely World. When Stampy went to his Slime Farm, Porky fell down the hole leading to the farm itself. Porky landed on a stone block, and died. If Stampy told Porky to sit down Porky might still be alive today.


  • Stampy saw a dog standing up when he came back to his doghouse to get another dog. He didn't know who it was, and he didn't make another dog stand up, so it is possible that Porky survived but Stampy never knew.


  • Porky is the second dog to die of fall damage in Stampy's Lovely World. The first confirmed dog to die of fall damage was Stampygoodnose.
  • Unlike the other dogs, he was seen in only one video (Lovely Library).
  • Stampy claims that Porky didn't listen to him when he said stay left.
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