Post Office is a place in Stampy's Lovely World, finished in Episode 174 (5th March 2014).


Let's just get one thing straight: it doesn't look like your typical post office. The exterior is mostly a huge stone-brick tower with decorative fences. The interior has three floors. The first floor is full of chests with the names of his friends. A space at the front is where can Stampy can get the mail. The second floor is Flap's home and the third floor is a counter where you can send the mail to his friends.


'Flap' is a delivery chicken who lives in the Post Office. When you want to post a letter, simply give it to Flap, open the flap, and he will flap away to deliver it! (Flap has a lot of meanings!)

If someone has posted you mail, it should appear in your personal chest. A piston outside will lift to read "You've got mail!" so when you are travelling by you will know if somebody has sent you a care package! The package is added by editing.

Featured VideoEdit

Minecraft Xbox- Post Office [174]

Minecraft Xbox - Post Office 17421:39

Minecraft Xbox - Post Office 174


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