A Minecraft series by Stampy
Race to the moon-0
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 16 July 2013 - 13 February 2017
Status Complete
Playlist Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon Episode Playlist

"Let's see if we can go the entire video without doing anything!"
— Stampy, in Quest to Do Nothing

Quest was a (now finished) Minecraft Let's Play series that was broadcasted every Monday on the stampylonghead channel. The pilot episode (Quest To Party) was uploaded on July 16, 2013. The first episode (Quest To Have Fun) was uploaded on September 16th, 2013 and the finale (Quest To Finish) was uploaded on February 13, 2017.


The series started off as a pre-planned quest series featuring Stampy and Squid, where they had the aim to enter The End and kill the Ender Dragon. It was also the first series to feature the Stampy-Squid tandem, since at that time their long friendship had begun, and they started to record with each other across both of their channels.

After they had completed this challenge, there was a pilot called "Quest To Party" and then the series number count started from scratch, and lost the 'Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon' title. The series essentially carried on, however lots of different quests were created by friends being joined by Timmy. All the mini-adventure maps were created by LONG bow X99

When the small plot & quests were completed, no more quests were created. Instead the series turned into a 'sandbox series' much like Stampy's Lovely World. Stampy and Squid set out objectives to complete during the video, all of them being fun and silly. 

The series is now essentially a shorter alternative to the 'Lovely World' videos.

In the middle of the series was a mini-series named Quest to Kill The Wither. Similar to the Ender Dragon Quest, the duo had to kill a Wither as their main goal. The series of videos were uploaded from January-June 2015.

After they killed the Wither, the original "Quest" series returned on June 8th, 2015, starting from the episode "Quest to Build a Beacon".

After four years of recording, the duo decided to end the series on its 200th episode. The final episode, "Quest to Finish", was uploaded on February 13, 2017.


The first episode of the 'Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon' series was uploaded on 7th April 2013.

Click to see the full playlist of the Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon series.

The pilot episode of the 'Quest' series was uploaded on 16th July 2013.

Click to see the pilot episode of the Quest series.

The first episode of the 'Quest' series was uploaded on 16th September 2013.

Click to see the full playlist of the Quest series.


  • After the original Quest series returned, the episode starts on #113 because Stampy counted the episodes from the Quest to Kill The Wither sub-series to become part of the original series.
  • Squid's mobile game Keepy Ducky was inspired by the minigame that he and Stampy had played in one of the Quest episodes.

Locations Edit

Stampy and squid's houses:

These 2 funny houses are replicas of stampy and squid wearing party hats, in stampy's house there is a living room and a bedroom, squid has a kitchen and a bedroom full of lots of beds. They meet up on the arm which they start the video but sometimes it is different, there is roof acess on both houses.


This was the original structure before stampy and squid arrived, at the start there was lots of villagers but now it's down to one which is timmy who now lives in his own villager statue.This is where the farms are and stampy and squid's 4th home.

Timmy chest:

This chest is two floored and has a villager face on it, it was built by squid as a storeroom, sometimes stampy jumps from squid's house to the chest as part as a minigame, stampy and squid also did a wish you were in my mouth postcard.

Timmy's house:

The present house of timmy is a statue of Timmy sitting, timmy rarely is in the house but there are lots of doors in there in case another villager spawns which is unlikely as the series is very long.

Dairy queen:

This is the place for the cows in the quest world, there are 2 cows on the cow's udders udder cows get it? The crown on the cow statue's head is made of gold blocks and the dairy queen lives at the top but is since tried to escape.

Ice cream palor:

A sandstone building with 4 ice cream faces at the top and serving many flavors since the episode 20s by squid, stampy and squid normally have skits in the shop as for fun but rarely go anywhere else except for the counters, they stories are so funny sometimes they go out of the ice cream shop.

Stampy and squid's first home

This was the first home of the two players, they moved to the mushroom house because their dogs transformed into statues or replaced by pigs, they also saw statues of them, this happened when they were in the nether looking for blaze rods, since then they have went back a couple times.

The Mushroom house

2 houses made of mushrooms and wood made on a mushroom island, a railway to the island links the island and the mainland, there was a tree farm but very bad, stampy and squid never went back there after getting the soul sand from the house.

Quests beach

This beach was used for stampy and squid's quests to get back the dragon egg so they can craft a pickaxe to get to the zoom temple, it is very plain except for 2 pillars.

Pirate ship

This ship was magically sailed into a lake next to the village, timmy's mum who is lost gave stampy and squid the keys to the ship, it is now situated next to a sugar cane farm and has one blue flag on it, some people said that longbow built it.

Block staircase:

To get something to get back the dragon egg, stampy and squid collected many blocks to create a staircase according to the coding to a chest in the end, it is near the stampy face and ender chicken cage, they succeded and were trolled.

Melon face:

A melon man with green limbs and a green chest,he has a melon face with a dispenser and button where you can get melons by shooting at the button, it is brand new but do not look down at it, it serves as a melon vending machine.

Rainbow sheep:

Largest thing in the quest world, it has every color there is in minecraft and a angry face, there are sheep in there with grass and chests full of dyes, it has 4 black legs and a neck added by stampy, the tail is a staircase which is strange.

Stampy and squid's 3rd house

A stronghold house with animals and dogs