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The Quest series is the main spin-off series of Stampylonghead. This series casts Stampy with his best friend, IBallisticSquid. In this series they released funny episodes every Monday of the week and build interesting buildings, such as statues of characters in the series.


The inhabitants for this series are:


  • Zomball -- a game featuring iron golems (usually Abfgern and Raftog) as players. The objective of the game is who will defeat the zombie first. This game is usually played at night, because zombies cannot spawn on day.
  • Ice Cream Game -- a game where Stampy and Squid act as people where they explain their motivations afterwards the employee give him an ice cream.
  • Dragon Egg Hunt -- a series adventure where they have to obtain the Dragon Egg back. This adventure was organized by LONG bow X99.


  • This spin-off series is least productive than his main series.


Quest Series Full Playlist

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