Race to the moon

Race To The Moon is a series made by various Minecraft players. It is aired on IBallisticSquid's channel, Amylee's Channel, and AshDubh's Channel.

Team MembersEdit

  • Team Blue -Stampylongnose,iBallisticSquid,SuperChache39
  • Team Pink - AmyLee33, SalemsLady, Mousey Mouse
  • Team Green - AshDubh, SnakeDoctor, BroomyCraft


To win, players from different teams must try to get to the moon first and find the "place" on the moon where they will get the prize. To do that you need to get the resources for the rocket and needs on the moon. Build the base then search the place where the prize is. Whoever found the place first, is the team who will win.

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New SeriesEdit

On the series finale, Squid and Chache did not actually get the prize, but neither did their opponents on the Green Team. They found out that Stampy, Salem, Amy and Broomy were missing and were actually all taken by the aliens.

This series is named: Mission To Mars

Mission To Mars is just them trying to figure out a way,when the latest episode air they were about to go into the Base but because of Server Issues and People leaving they never went in until the last epsiode of a series that Iballisticsquid made called Time Travellers where it was the season finale of both. The end goes that Squid was just having a dream and it was still December 2013.When Squid sees this he yells up No,the screen goes black and the words The End show up before the video ends.


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