Reindeer Rodeo (episode)
Episode 151
Reindeer Rodeo
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L for Leeeee x
LONG bow X99
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People Added to the Love Garden
Mad Gamer Girl
Xfox Gaming
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Reindeer Rodeo is the 151st episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy wakes up and eats a cake in the kitchen before showing off his new bathroom. He then adds Xfox Gaming and Mad Gamer Girl to the Love Garden for a song they made up. He heads over to the doghouse where Mittens chooses Duncan to go with Stampy for the video. He then heads over to the Funland to build his new ride, a Reindeer Rodeo. Stampy starts to build a reindeer to ride on. Then he builds redstone to make the reindeer "buck" up and down. He the plays his game with Lee and LONG bow before ending the video.


Minecraft Xbox - Reindeer Rodeo 151-0

Minecraft Xbox - Reindeer Rodeo 151-0

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