This page defines the relationship between everyone and Stampylongnose.

Billy Beaver Edit

William (or Billy for short) has been around since the defeating of the Wither.


Polly appeared in episode 367, North Pole, and has been active since that. She is a reindeer.

Lee Bear Edit

Stampy and Lee have maintained more of a friendship than any of Stampy's Minecraft Helpers at all. Lee is Stampy's best friend in Stampy's Lovely World, as well as his Captain Minecraft Helper, personal assistant and chef. Lee no-longer appears in his videos

iBallisticSquid Edit

Squid is Stampy's best friend outside of Stampy's Lovely World. They have done more videos together than anyone else, besides Stampy's main series. They are also best friends in real life.

SqaisheyQuack Edit

Sqaishey is one of Stampy's newest helpers, yet considered one of the main helpers. She's his partner in the Sky Den series, and has also contributed in many episodes of Stampy's Lovely World. In real life, they are in a relationship but they keep it quiet in videos as they say it's unrelated but on social media it's spread a lot by them.

Amylee33 Edit

Amy Lee is one of Stampy's main helpers, she's always shown to be peaceful and loving and always carries some lovely jubblys with her but these no longer exist as roses were replaced with poppies.

Rosie833am Edit

Rosie is another one of Stampy's main helpers, she's a penguin who's very close to Amy Lee.

Hitthetarget98 Edit

Stampy used to be friends with Hit the Target (Jason) , but soon became arch enemies with the guy after the events that occured in Unexpected Drama. Ever since, Hit the Target has attempted to invade again and again, trying to steal Stampy's dogs, Mittens, even Stampy himself!

Crimson Azoth/Craig Edit

Craig was always the old Lee. They used to be best friends until Craig briefly quit Minecraft. Since then, Stampy gave up his room to Squid, Amy and finally Henry and Hilda , almost all memory of him vanished until Episode 74, where Craig shows up again.  

Stampy even stayed for three episodes in Craig's world. 

Stampy's Pets Edit

Stampy appears to love his dogs and Mittens more than anything, with the exception of his Lovely World and cake. He is particularly fond of Duncan and Mittens, the happy couple, and Barnaby, his oldest dog to still live.Also adding in he is still quite upset from his first dog Gregory passed away


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