The Rocket Ship is a vehicle built inside Stampy's Lovely World.

Appearance Edit

The exterior is mainly made out of orange wool with a ring of white, the official Stampy colours. It is also lightened up by glowstone to prevent googlies from spawning. There are also four black blades at the bottom which holds the ship while parked. There is also a scaffolding beside the rocket ship as a way for the players to enter the vehicle.

The interior consists of four rooms:

  • Engine Room - This is where the engine and other mechanical things are powered. Since food is the main source of power, there is a furnace where the food can be burned.
  • Living Quarters - This is where Stampy and his helpers can relax while the rocket ship is flying. There are bunk beds, some furniture, and a small countertop kitchen.
  • Storage Room - This is where materials, equipment, and armour are stored. Also in this room is the door where players can enter and exit the rocket ship.
  • Command Room - This is where the rocket ship is operated. There is a steering wheel at the front as well as laptops on the sides. There is also a wall of bookshelves at the back of the room.
  • Room of No Requirement - The remaining empty space inside the rocket ship.