Roses are AmyLee33's favorite flowers on Stampy's Lovely World. Roses are always found outside of Stampy's House. Stampy gifted her roses at one of Amy Lee's videos. Some episodes, Amy Lee gives flowers in Stampy's mornings. Roses are aka Lovely Jubbley Love Love Petals. Often Amy spurts them from her mouth and gifts them to Stampy randomly.

History of Lovely Jubbley Love Love PetalsEdit

The Lovely Jubbley Love Love Petals were introduced in Episode 95, Lovely Jubbley, where Stampy sets a challenge for Amy Lee to think of a new name for the rose. Then after he built the basement of Road Hogs, he saw a sign that says "LOVELY JUBBLEY LOVE LOVE PETALS". The first Love Petal is still there until now.

In Episodes 97 and 98, they built a florist with the name inspired after the Love Love Petals. It is named Lovely Jubbley Flowers, the first shop in Stampy's Lovely World.


  • Roses are sometimes used at funerals on Stampy's Episodes.
  • Roses are always planted randomly.
  • Roses have been changed to poppies.
  • He doesn't like flowers anymore so there all messy - As seen on Fuel Duel.

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