First Appearance: Slumber Party (86)
Last Appearance: Tournament Day (499)
Username: Rosie833
Nicknames: Rosie
Gallery: rosie833

Rosie833 is a Minecraft helper and friend in Stampy's videos. Her house was connected to Amy's house so they can have sleepovers, but the house was later removed. Rosie actually has been seen in Stampy's early Halo videos. Rosie is best buds with Amylee. She is a penguin. She is a Youtuber like Stampy and has 100k subscribers.

Appearance Edit

Xbox Skin: Rosie is a penguin who is usually holding a cooked fish or Lovely Jubbley Love Petal/Rose that is usually given to her by Amy Lee.

PC Skin: Rosie is a human in a penguin costume.

Association with Stampy Edit

Rosie was already friends with Stampy even before Minecraft. She participated in GamesThirst's Halo Reach Championship, where Stampy became the host and the creator of the event. In the tournament, she won the first game against EccentricEde, but later lost to Tiki Myr in the following round. She later appeared in the Lovely World as one of the Minecraft Helpers.




She has a YouTube channel of her own, although it has been inactive (as of 22nd January 2018). She has currently over 111,000 subscribers.

Some of her series she has done include:

  • The Portal of Awesomeness
  • Hexxit
  • Team Pink's Magical Quest
  • Crusoe Survival
  • The Adventures of Amy and Rosie
  • Minecraft Hunger Games

Her channel can be found here.

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