Rule The Duel (episode)
Episode 290
Release Date April 4, 2015
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Egg Hunt
Helpers Appeared
L for Leeeee x
Pets Chosen
People Added to the Love Garden
Lilly Dragon
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Rule The Duel is the 290th episode in Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy starts his day by doing what he does normally. He eats cake and went to the Love Garden to add Lilly Dragon for leaving a funny comment in one of his previous videos. Then he didn't brought a dog anymore and headed straight to the Funland via a different route to have a Rule the Duel tournament. Stampy is the grand champion, Lee won 2nd, LionMaker won 3rd, and sadly Sqaishey lost. Since Stampy won, he chose to play Pew Pew Shooting Range and had a ride on the Creeper Coaster, since he wanted to play the old games that he never played since. He says bye and ends it.



Minecraft Xbox- Rule The Duel [290]

Minecraft Xbox - Rule The Duel 290

Minecraft Xbox - Rule The Duel 290