The SLW Metro is a player walking system that is known as a metro because it is so big and sometimes it is very confusing just like a metro. There are no designated lines but many routes.


Stampy's House South

Stampy's House

Love Garden


Mushroom Farm

Playful Po Po Station

Clean Machine

Cool School

Hotel of Dreams

Funland Sign

Waste Place

Xp Farm

Animal Farm

Air transport district

CD Farm

First House

Harrison's House

Harriet's House

Sheep Shuffle

Creeper Coaster

Maze Master


Reindeer Rodeo

What Goes Up

Pretty Kitty Spa

Wishing Well


Kitty Cat Condo

Stampy's Overwear

Stampy's Hot Buns

Crazy Cow Milk Bar

Flap Postal Service

Main Farm

Squid's House


Pick a Pet Pet Shop

Stampy's Golf Course

Helter Skelter

Dog Obstacle Course

Flower Power

Honey Hunt

Gold Graba

Gregory's Grave

Piggy Bank

Baa Baa Barber

Melon Moment

Toy Town

Need to Read BookShop

Fireworks Workshop

Broth Brawl

Ding Dong Game

Tick Tock Shop

Tumble Tower

Turbo Types

Snow Throw


Googlies Manor

Pew Pew Shooting Range

Fish me a dish

Beat the Heat Fires Station

Loose Tooth Dentist

Superior Interior

Dunking Booth

Crystal Rapids

Crystal Waters

Googlies Irsland

Road Hogs

Duck Fling


Water Rush

It's Lovely World After All

Bury Berry


Emergency Igloo

Bouncy Boats

Cat and Mice

Swift Swine

Wiggly Worm

Doggy Hockey

Whale of a time

Take the Tooth

Douse the House

Switch the Switch

Rule the Duel

Mole Hole


Shoe 4 U

Snack on Track

Lovely Jubbley Flowers

Soggy Sandwhich

Caring Cat Clinic

Cow Island

Spawn Bridge

SOS Island

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