SOS Island

SOS Island





First Appearance

Thrill Ride

Other Appearances

Ship Shape, Vault Of Treasure

SOS Island is a temporary home used for Longbow after he walked the plank. It is made out only out of dirt, but later blew up by Stampy. The wreckage of the soggy SOS Island can be seen in Episode 221.

The main home was made of wood and stone bricks with nether bricks and a bedroom design similar to Stampy's Room.It had 3 beds,a TV and even a living room.


Ship Shape The episode where Longbow walked the plank he was seen building the SOS Sign to start building.

Thrill Ride

After Longbow walking the plank he did not be in a lot of videos for a while until Stampy discovered his house he looked around it and saved Longbow he also changed his skin while down there.

Vault Of Treasure

While Stampy was clearing a space for the final challenge of the Piggy Bank, they actually dug out into an underground house, which was turned into Longbow's home before. He explained what happened to Longbow a long time ago. He said a bunch of the house would be demolished to make way for the final challenge and the vault. He and L for Leeeee x destroyed the nether brick room via a controlled demolition and later destroyed Longbow's bedroom,which let the water in and turn it into a soggy,underwater wreck.

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