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SS Stumpy



Stampy's House, Stampy's Lovely World


Fluffy (formerly)

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The SS Stumpy is a sailing ship in Stampy's Lovely World. It was home to Fluffy until she moved to the Pick-A-Pet Pet Shop. It was first sailed in Sinking Feeling against Hit the Target. Sadly, Hit the Target survived, and built an underwater base discovered in Ocean Adventure.


It was built very early in Stampy's Lovely World. At first it was called Stampy's Ark, but one day he changed his mind and decided to call it the S.S. Stumpy. Because of it's original name, some of Stampy's minecraft helpers built animals aboard it such as a giraffe (which is still there now).

In Sinking Feeling, It was used to sail out to Hit the Target's ship to destroy it. Stampy, and L for Leeeee x went after Hit the Target and blew up his ship. They made Hit the Target walk the plank. After the battle they sailed home.

At Episode 214, Beat The Heat, a fire is seen on the port side of SS Stumpy.

Trivia Edit

  • In Title Update 19, the ship, along with Stampy's House and Love Garden were added in the Tutorial World
  • SS Stampy has four snowball cannons because Stampy doesn't want to damage his world. In the replica of the ship on TU19, it uses arrows.
  • Stampy confirmed in Enchanting Room that the S.S Stumpy means Super Ship Stumpy.