Salem likes trees. She get's them stuck in many pies.

Salems Lady is an Xbox Minecrafter. She has been in a few Hunger Games with rosie and is Amylee. Salem is engaged to her brother, Wonderwall_23. They met about 11 years ago at work! Salem has roughly 157k subscribers as of late 2017. She also did a Q&A, in which she revealed that her real name is Staci.

Salem often gets sticky keys and many call her sticky salem.

Real LifeEdit

She got the name Salem from an old Xbox username. She has two daughters named Rachel and Holly, and a friend called Rosie. She also has a YouTube channel. Salem has 2 kids which were probably not mistakes, they were born a a young age. Salem also struggles to pay the bills because of her lack of views.


Salems main series on her channel is 'Salems Survival ', a Minecraft PC series. She also has many other series on PC; 'Pony Paradise' - Salem and Amy play on creative and let their imaginations run wild, and 'Team Pink-The Magical Quest! ' - A series in which Team Pink from the long running Race To The Moon series,have reformed and are on their own in a magical world. (see Race To The Moon).

She loves playing minecraft and her grandfather passed away reavealing in an episode that her name really was Staci.