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Salems Lady
First Appearance: Unknown
Last Appearance: Unknown
Username: SalemsLady
Nicknames: Salem, Sister Salem
Gallery: None

Salems Lady is an Xbox Minecrafter. She has been in a few Hunger Games with rosie and is Amylee's sister-in-law by being engaged to her brother, Wonderwall_23. They met about 11 years ago at work! Salem has recently reached 100,000 subs. She also did a Q&A, in which she revealed that her real name is Staci.

Real LifeEdit

She got the name Salem from an old Xbox username. She has two daughters named Rachel and a friend called Rosie. She also has a YouTube channel.


Salems main series on her channel is 'Salems Survival ', a Minecraft PC series. She also has many other series on PC; 'Pony Paradise' - Salem and Amy play on creative and let their imaginations run wild, and 'Team Pink-The Magical Quest! ' - A series in which Team Pink from the long running Race To The Moon series,have reformed and are on their own in a magical world. (see Race To The Moon).

She loves playing minecraft and her grandfather passed away reavealing in an episode that her name really was Staci.

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