Season 1 is the very first season of Stampy's Lovely World.

Summary Edit

Stampy's first season began when he first uploaded his minecraft world, Stampy's Lovely World. The earlier episodes have swearing and these videos are suitable for teens only, but young children were watching these videos, so he ceased all inappropriate activity. The first season took place during the formation of Stampy's Lovely World and features Crimson Azoth, a now retired helper of Stampy. As you watch these episodes you shall see the formation and early days of Stampy's Lovely World.

List of Episodes Edit

1. Welcome To Bendy's Inktown

2. Bendy's First Home

3. Visiting Boriscity 

4. Bendy's Treehouse (Crimson Azoth's world)

5. Underwater Ink Track (Crimson Azoth's world)

6. Miguel The Dog

7. Black Ink Paradise

8. Inconvinient Death

9. Journey Into The InkNether

10. Fun At The Farm

11. My Ink Doghouse

12. Having a Room Off

13. Back in Boriscity (Crimson Azoth's world)

14. Inkmonsters Trap

15. Confusion in a Maze (Crimson Azoth's world)

16. My Ink Tower

17. Accidents in the Ink Room

18. Emergency Ink

19. A Ink Lighthouse

20. Alice's Angel World (LONGbowX99's world)

21. My Ink  (Tardis build world) (commentary with Melanie Candy)

22. I Ride My Cart Back and Forth

23. Ink Library

24. Operation Build Tardis (Tardis build world) (commentary w/ Melanie Candy)

25. Visiting in Boriscity (Crimson Azoth's world)

26. Teamwork (Tardis build world) (commentary w/ Melanie Candy)

27. Making a House a Home

28. Featuring The Ink Kids World - Part 1(Breadstick's world)

29. Featuring The Ink Kids World - Part 2 (Breadstick's world)

30. Making a Swimming Pool

31. Inspiration Room

32. Crazy Golf Course

33. Golf, Gregory Jr. and Lots of Inkmonsters

34. Working on My Theatre

35. Building with the Community (Community World)

36. Bendy's Fantastical CD-trap

37. Inside the Tardis (Tardis build world) (commentary w/ Melanie Candy)

38. Exterminating Inkmonsters in my Theatre

39.Bendy's Club House

40. Extending the Farm

41. Completed Theater

42. Unexpected Drama

43. Ink Day for Golf

44. Uninvited Visitor

45. Christmas Day

46. Bendy's Ark

47. Ship Shape

48. Enchanting Room

49. Troubles Brewing

50. Animal Farm

Trivia Edit

Also Stampy's Lovely World Begins.