Season 2 is the second season of Stampy's Lovely World. It began on January 16, 2013 with A Bad Sign  and ended on July 6, 2013 with Cat To The Future. This was the first season to air all its episodes in one year. 

Summary Edit

Stampy's second season began right after episode 50. Like season one, it was fifty episodes long. It focuses the birth of the famous minigame place in Stampy's Lovely World, the Funland, building his Rocket Ship which was used to travel Stampy to the moon, and a time travelling cat! It also includes the first episodes with one of Stampy's most famous helpers, L for Lee x which in a way later replaced Crimson Azoth, a past Stampy helper. The season also focuses on building new shops in Downtown from episodes 91-98. This season contains some of the most famous Stampy episodes.

List of Episodes Edit

51.A Bad Sign

52.Expirience Farm

53.The Friendly Creeper

54.Creeper Coaster

55.Thrill Ride

56. Mutant Dog

57. Shooting Range

58. Zombies, Aliens And Evil Slugs

59. The Duck Fling

60. Minecraft Slaves

61. Ghost Door

62. Lovely Waterfall

63. Zombie Dinner Party

64. Witch Room

65. Dire Dungeon

66. Evil Mr. Pork Chop

67. Crystal Waters (episode)

68. Technical Difficulties

69. The Show Must Go On

70. Water Elevator

71. Stampy's Secret Base

72. Easter Egg Hunt

73. Things Go Wrong

74. Helter Skelter (Episode)

75. Crystal Rapids (episode)

76. Revelation

78. Nether Wart Farm

79. Gadgets

80. Giant Fish Bowl

81. A New Project

82. Rocket Ship

83. Stampy's Space Program

84. Rocket Science

85. Trip To The Moon

86. Slumber Party

87. Giant Rubix Cube

88. Shepherd Stampy

89. Shear Fun (episode)

90. The Hungry Sheep

91. Stampy's Hot Buns (Episode)

92. The First Cake

93. Crunch And Chew

94. Pig Maze

95. Lovely Jubbley

96. Prized Porkers (episode)

97. The Big Dog

98. Green Fingers

99. All Play And No Work

100. Cat To The Future

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