Secret Base



Stampy's House, Stampy's Lovely World

Built by

Stampy Cat

First Appearance

Water Elevator

Other Appearances

Secret Base (or Stampy's Secret Base) is a building underground in the lake in Stampy´s Lovely World.


Stampy's secret base is deep under the lake beneath Stampy's Lovely House. It was first seen in Water Elevator. It can be entered in two ways, one is to dive down the water elevator under the lake, the other way is to go through a painting, climb down some ladders, and enter the code to open the iron door. Inside the base there's lots of gadgets and things that Stampy has built.

Supernatural activityEdit

On Several occasions shadows have been seen moving around the base.


The main reason for the base is to help Stampy hide from Hit the Target in case of an attack. In the base, Stampy have the most advanced things in the lovely world. Stampy can also safely watch over the entire lovely world from there.


This is a list over gadgets in the base.

Gadget Use Episode
Water Elevator Exit base quickly Water Elevator (70)
Secret entrance Code to protect base Stampy's Secret Base (71)
Bunker Hide if maneuvered Things Go Wrong (73)
Cakey Bakey Tasty Cake Making Cooking Machine Make the world's tastiest cake Cat to the Future (100)
Time Machine Travel in time Cat to the Future (100)
Cloning Machine To clone Cloning Contraption
Plasticator To change Texture Packs Plasticator
Teleporter To teleport to different areas quickly Teleporter

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