Shepherd Stampy
Episode 88
Sheppard Stampy
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Shear Fun
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L for Leeeee x
Afro Dan91
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Shepherd Stampy is the 88th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy greets the world like he usually does. He then goes inside and tell Afro Dan91 and Lee to have a dance off. Stampy couldn't make up his mind on who won. He then went to the Love Garden and added ROBLOXguyZ. He then went to the Enchanting Room and tried to get a silk touch pickaxe but he didn't. They then head over to the Funland and continue to finish Shear Fun. They then finish getting all the sheep into the mini-game. He then ends the video like he normally does.


Minecraft Xbox - Shepherd Stampy 88

Minecraft Xbox - Shepherd Stampy 88