Race to the moon (3)
The series follows Stampy Cat as he learns to play the game and live his life as a virtual sim.

Gameplay Edit

He currently resides in Willow Creek. The neighborhood consists of the Cat family, Lee family, and Nugget family. The series consists of three expansion packs, the Get To Work Expansion Pack, Outdoor Retreat, and Spa Day. For an unknown reason he stopped this let's play. This may have something to do with Lee's arrest.

Houses Edit

Cat House: Stampy Cat, Lee

Lee House: Sqaishey, Amy Lee, Rosie

Squid house: Squid, Finnball

Episodes Edit

There are 40 episodes released all in all.

  1. Creating Stampy Cat
  2. Moving In
  3. Finnball The Hotdog
  4. My Crazy Friends
  5. Crazy Day At The Muesum
  6. Fun In The Park
  7. My Rocket
  8. My Comedy Routine
  9. Oasis Springs
  10. King Frog
  11. Tiki Bar
  12. Working Out
  13. Launch Party
  14. Making Friends With Squid
  15. Lee's Promotion
  16. Pool Party
  17. Lee Wants Friends
  18. Giant Things
  19. The Big Gig
  20. Pool Party
  21. Roaming Chef
  22. My New Diet
  23. My Home Gym
  24. A New Career
  25. Breakfast Party
  26. Granite Falls
  27. Glamping
  28. The Hermit
  29. Power Shut Off!
  30. Dance Party
  31. Big Extension
  32. Decorating
  33. Green Fingers
  34. FutureSim Labs
  35. My New Office
  36. Angry Stampy
  37. Getting Artistic
  38. My Freezie
  39. Gummy Bear Pancakes
  40. New Hot Tub

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