Sky Den
A Minecraft series by Stampy
Playthrough Information
Starring Stampy Cat
Let's Play Type Series
Run date(s) 17 July 2014 - 6 August 2015
Status Complete
Playlist None

Sky Den was a sandbox Minecraft series that was broadcast by Stampy and Sqaishey on the stampylonghead channel.

This series marks Sqaishey's debut on his Let's Play, and became rapidly famous because of the series (as well as her channel).

They have built things such as The Treehouse, Audrey, where they plant their crops, Barry, where the mob trap is, the relatively huge Big Tree in Animal Paradise, Cake Central, the ender dragon, Insect Island, the Tree Farm, Train, Archery Range, Arena, and Mushroom Mountain. The trophy for the Grass Race was the final thing which was built, episodes before Sky Den ended.


The treehouse is the main starting point of almost every video inside of Sky Den. On the north of the treehouse is the Bunny Railway, Tree Farm and the Shop. On the south are where most pixel arts are located, even a Frog-themed cobblestone generator (because the cobblestone comes out of his "tongue".) On the east is the Animal Paradise, Mushroom Mountain and some buildings while on the west is the storage room.


They play Hide and Seek at the start of every video. A tradition that has been discontinued is throwing an egg at the ender dragon they've built. They then go to start/continue build colourful buildings. Before they go to bed, they play a round of "Painting Roulette" with a dispenser named "Kevin". It's their own luck to get a painting or not. As one of them get a painting, Stampy/Sqaishey go to a special painting wall where they place it. As they woke up in the morning, they continue to build.


They now have completed every single quest in the Temple in Episode 20 when they went to get the mycelium block. The only place they haven't been is The End. They have been to the Nether and retrieved a 'Dancing Blaze Rod', which is a blaze rod put in an item frame and Sqaishey turns it around and... a ghast almost explodes on her. In Episode 21, they built a storage room where Barry holds it, commonly known as 'The Suitcase' and Sqaishey gets into trouble by spawning chickens in it. The population is 68 including man made animals like david the snail and barry bear.


  • Sky Den is also similar to the original mini-game, Skyblock.
  • Stampy mentioned in one Cave Den episode and he said that he loaded up Sky Den once again and took a picture of the trophy that they've built.


  1. Explosive Start
  2. Sam And His Friend
  3. Treehouse
  4. We Love David
  5. Austin Boston
  6. Pond in the Park
  7. Googlies on the Bridge
  8. Audrey the Alien
  9. My Hero
  10. Shiny New Things
  11. Barry Bear
  12. Meeting Time
  13. Happy Beak Day
  14. Booming Creepers
  15. Chickens in Love
  16. Dancing Blaze Rod
  17. Big Tree
  18. Funny Face
  19. I Have A Bad Feeling...
  20. The Final Quest
  21. Chickens in a Suitcase
  22. Doobie Doo
  23. Goodbye David
  24. Pretty Alien
  25. Snail Shell
  26. Hail the Snail
  27. Personality Block
  28. Snail Fail
  29. Cake Time
  30. Sqaishey's Trance
  31. Singing Enderman
  32. Dragon Head
  33. Story Time
  34. Building a Dragon
  35. Baby Dragon
  36. Audrey's Dress
  37. Cake Central
  38. Training Day
  39. Cobble on Tap
  40. Stampy's Accidents
  41. Too Many Portals
  42. Cactus Farm
  43. One Last Attempt
  44. Back on Track
  45. My Little Penguin
  46. The Frog and the Fly
  47. Zebra Worm
  48. Miracle Duck
  49. Toaster With Legs
  50. Spi-oaster
  51. Tree Tower
  52. Up, Up, And Up
  53. Getting on Track
  54. Train Conductors
  55. Rainbow Rabbit Railway
  56. Carrot Carriage
  57. Sugar Bon
  58. Bubble Bon
  59. Minty Bon
  60. Bread Head
  61. Underwater Train
  62. Castle Carriage
  63. Grass Race
  64. King Sam
  65. Our Guest
  66. Sheep Shuffle
  67. Land for Sam
  68. Mountain Mouth
  69. Dirty Nose
  70. Scary Eyes
  71. Egg Eyes
  72. Happy Mountain
  73. Mushroom Hair
  74. So Much Stew
  75. Hotel Inspector
  76. Tumbles and Surprises
  77. Nose Slide
  78. Mushroom Look Alikes
  79. Not Much Room
  80. The Grand Opening
  81. Chicken Demands
  82. Grass Race Trophy
  83. Ender Mamma
  84. Big Kevin
  85. Our Little Stadium
  86. Grass Race Finale
  87. So Many Endermen
  88. Final Preparations
  90. Memories


The series made a huge success to the channel. Not only it has been watched by children around the world, but also this series has started the Stampy-Sqaishey tandem. From here a lot of people rumouring that Sqaishey is Stampy's girlfriend. It was denied from that time, but Sqaishey gave the good news people never knew: her boyfriend is Stampy. This note gave all a very huge impact. An episode of Ear Biscuits also tackled this topic when the two met and how Sqaishey became Stampy's girlfriend.


Near the end of the final episode, Stampy hinted for a new series to be broadcast immediately after Sky Den. The new series to be broadcast is Cave Den, a series similar to Sky Den, however they now play inside of a cave.

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