Squid's Slippery Sky Island was the Skyblock island that iBallisticSquid lived on in the "Sky Island Challenge" series. Squid and L for Lee built whatever people challenged them to in an episode. It was used for 99 episodes of Sky Island Challenge before Squid's Ender Dragon egg hatched in Episode 100, turning his Sky Island into a Skygrid map. After 21 episodes of Skygrid the Sky Island was revived, but it was in the ground instead of in the air. It was stopped when iBallistcSquid lost his old account because it was hacked.

The Sky Island was built by Stampy with Squid doing the challenge.


  • Squid's first cat, Timmy, was said to be a brother of Stampy. If this is true, Tommy, another cat that belongs to Squid, would also be a brother to Stampy, but Squid and Stampy were obviously joking.
  • The Character of Aunty Squid has a voice that is voiced by Stampy.

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