Slippery Survival (formerly called Sky Island Challenge) is a series of videos made by IBallisticSquid.


Unlike Stampy's Lovely World, the world is small but he has great projects that he built it. It was used to be at the sky, but after Sky Grid, it was all on the ground.


Sky Island Challenge Beginnings and HistoryEdit

Squid began the Sky Island Challenge where he has to survive in the sky and do tasks by Stampylongnose. He did videos for 99 videos, before he was transferred to Sky Grid.

Middle History: Sky GridEdit

After he was transferred to Sky Grid, he has to survive in the void with blocks floating. It lasted for 21 videos before he defeated the Ender Dragon and saved his Sky Island.

After Sky Grid and Later HistoryEdit

He managed to defeat the Ender Dragon that transferred him to Sky Grid. Then when he came back, all his creations are on the ground now, making the series change to 'Slippery Survival'. He has to repair many damages he got in his world before he continued to make new buildings.


Squid said in a video that the series was postponed to have new plans for the series. It is unknown when will the series will be back on air. However, in one of his Q&A's, he announced that he cannot open the world because his account was hacked. Because of this, the series was officially cancelled.

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