Smelly Swamp
Episode 317
Release Date July 4, 2015
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Helpers Appeared
L for Lee x
Pets Chosen
People Added to the Love Garden
Kaulana Lee
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Smelly Swamp is the 317th episode inside of Stampy's Lovely World.

Plot Edit

Stampy starts the episode as normal by saying hi and eating a cake in his room. Stampy then goes to the Love Garden to add Kaulana Lee. The race to the dog house is a cake race. Stampy and Lee have to bake a cake and the first person to bake a cake and get in the dog house gets to choose the dog. Stampy wins and chooses Barnaby. Stampy and Lee then go to work on the Investigator mini-game. Stampy works on the swamp, the office, and the redstone. Stampy then ends the video by playing Cake Peek-A-Boo with Lee bear and eating the cake and saying bye.

Video Edit

Minecraft Xbox- Smelly Swamp [317]

Minecraft Xbox - Smelly Swamp -317-

Minecraft Xbox - Smelly Swamp -317-