"You can tell it's Snowy because he's got white fur."
— Stampy
First appearance: Unknown
Last appearance: Episode 17 (and mentioned in ghosts stories)
Status: Dead
Type of mob: Wolf (Dog)
Color of collar: Red

Snowy is one of Stampy's Dogs. He is the 3rd dog who has died in Stampy's Lovely World


The name Snowy came from his white fur. in episode 109 of Minecraft Xbox "Stampy's Wolf Pack", Stampy put an item frame with a snowball in it to represent his snowy's white fur. His grave is outside the entrance to the lava room.


In the episode "Accidents in the Lava Room", Stampy was building the Lava Room and when he added a bucket of lava to the glass, Snowy got in the way and died in the lava room. If Stampy had not taken the risk of Snowy's safety and playing around with the lava and telling Snowy to sit underneath the flowing lava Snowy would've been alive today. Though everyone has mistakes.

Snowy was also pretty new to the pack, so his death was very sad for Stampy. Remember, snow and lava don't mix!


  • Snowy was the first dog (unfortunately, of many) to die onscreen.
    Screenshot (4)

    Snowy's Grave

  • Unlike other dogs, he was seen in only one video (Accidents in the Lava Room).
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