Space Station
Episode 7
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Space Station is the 7th episode of Mission To Mars. Squid and others try to go to Mars as they got a book for the Space Station.


The episode starts as the last episode ended. Squid grabs some sugar canes and they go to their transportation. They go back to their current base. The team prepares while SnakeDoctor creates a room. After some time, AshDubh is seen playing a book. Snake stops them while Squid gets the book. Squid tell them that it is a Space Station key. They teleport to the Space Station. They see the stoned Mousie, AmyLee, Salem, BroomyCraft, and Stampy. Snake sees another stoned Space Station staff and Squid goes to a room, seeing a stoned staff.


  • Some people tells that the stoned staff at the end is Snake.