First appearance: Nether Wart Farm
Last appearance: Kitty Kitchen
Status: Dead
Type of mob: Tamed Wolf (Dog)
Color of collar: Default Red

Sparky was Lee's first dog in Minecraft. He was the 13th dog who passed in Stampy's Lovely World.


Stampy accidentally hit Lee, causing Sparky to attack and kill The Arbiter (Stampy's dog). While they were digging The Arbiters grave, there was water underneath, causing Sparky to fall in and drown, although this was off-video.

Grave Edit

His grave used to be located just beside The Arbiter's. It was then removed along with his dead "rival" to make way for the Dog Assault Course.

Trivia Edit

  • Sparky formerly used to live in Lee's House.
  • He almost died in Episode 80, Dunking Booth when he fell down on the top of it.
  • A theory about Sparky's death is that Sparky was feeling sad and guilty about the death of The Arbiter so, he committed suicide in The Arbiter's grave, drowning himself so he could die happy. But that didn't make Lee or Stampy happy.
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