"I told you, It's a Creeper Spelunker"
— Stampy when Squid finds the Spelunker Creeper
Spelunker Creeper
First Appeared: Secret Identeties
Last Episode Seen:
Status: Dead
Type of Mob: Creeper
Episode Died:

The Spelunker Creeper briefly appeared in the 2nd episode of Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon.

About Edit

When Stampy and Squid go mining for materiels in the Original Quest World, Stampy spots a Creeper. Not hearing this Squid goes down and is stuck with the Creeper before hitting it off the ledge and into some lava below.

Trivia Edit

  • First named Creeper in, the Quest to Kill the Ender Dragon series.
  • First named Creeper to be found underground.

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